About Us


Binh Huynh

Business Owner & Sales Trainer

In 2005, after over twenty years as a technical job with Avantek and Hewlett-Packard, I accepted a voluntary severance package as part of a company cost cutting and downsizing program. After leaving a company and a job that I really loved, I went back to school to broaden my education and improve my career opportunities as Business and Salesmanship, especially in an Instructor of Sales and Marketing. In September 2008, I started my own family business. It is called Progressive Business Center (PBC21).

At PBC21, we train other business employees on how to improve their sales and marketing skills, especially customer service, in a short amount of time. We help to promote their products or services nationwide. If their business does not grow, we will return the training or service fee!

We provide commercial loan, life insurance… We also represent other companies by selling merchant services and technologies for healthy living that improve people’s quality of life. We have made great commissions by sales and recruited others to become independent agents as well.