Business Training Seminars

Sales and Marketing Strategy Training Seminars

If you are not satisfied with the income of your business, we will train your employees on how to improve their sales and marketing skills in a short amount of time. We help to promote your products or services nationwide and across Canada. If your business does not grow, we will return the training or service fee!

The training not only includes instruction on selling products, but also focuses on practicing superior service and selling oneself to achieve a successful career in sales and marketing.

This education program is in English or Vietnamese with methods that are practical, easy to understand, easy to remember, and are related to everyday things.

In order to begin your training in the field of sales and marketing, all you need is a basic of communication skills in English or Vietnamese and the following social skills:

  • Approach people with a genuine smile when communicating with them.
  • Believe in the truth of what you are saying.
  • Have pride in your job and what you do; without salespeople, the world as we know it could not exist!

The clients in our training program will be trained to work as professional salesmen with ethical knowledge in order to provide their clients with benefits, but also keep loyalty and fairness with the company they are working for. It includes the following: Sincerity, Helpfulness, Enthusiasm, Attentiveness, Friendliness and many more…

If you decide to pursue an education with us, there is no doubt that you will be creating many benefits for you and your family.

Please call Mr. Binh Huynh (503) 568-8164 for more information about this wonderful opportunity to improve your career or your business!