Credit Card Services

Guaranteed low rates:

Even if you are currently satisfied with the credit card service and terminal you currently use, there are many options we can offer you that will save you money each month.

  • We guarantee we will offer you a better rate than what you are currently paying
  • We will cover the early termination fee, if one exists, with the company you are currently using
  • Depending on your plan, you may purchase, rent, or even have a terminal provided for you
  • 100% disclosure on your processing statement
  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee

Let us compare your current rate and fees with ours today to see how much you could be saving! If we cannot save you any money, $250 will be rewarded to you for your time.

Choosing a credit card terminal and services

Author’s note: This article is one in which the writer aims to provide the pros and cons of terminals and services for processing credit card payments. It would only take a reader around 10 minutes to read; the writer has strong belief that the things presented will be a noticeable benefit given the time spent.


Beware of hidden high rates. If a business has not changed credit card terminals and services for two to three years, it’s probable that the rates are extremely high. Despite that, some people do not wish to switch because they are averse to early termination fees. This is not worth fearing, because the company to which you switch will resolve that on your behalf.

Company, agent, and client. Companies are constantly competing for survival. This is of great benefit to the client. Despite that, the client should be aware of which companies truly deliver long term benefits. And what about this agent?

Why work with an agent? Practically all these companies do not work with clients directly but must go through an agent.

How can a long-distance agent serve a client? In our information age, two parties on opposite sides of the globe can work together as if they were sitting across from each other in an office. A local agent who is not approachable and attentive cannot outdo a better long distance agent.

Competition to attract clients. Every company finds ways to be able to advertise lower rates than other companies. With many types of credit cards and banks in the market, we should be consulting with a trustworthy agent with a deep understanding of them, to help us choose a service according to the needs of the customers and businesses we frequently encounter.

Rates. Everyone wants low rates, but that goes only to a certain extent and degree of reasonability. Some companies advertise extremely low rates, but in reality, such services shouldn’t just be covering one kind of credit card but rather, many kinds. This is something of which clients must be aware.

Rate comparison chart. If you want low rates, choose a reputable agent who provides you the newest monthly processing statement (NOT a bank statement); to compare, do we clearly see the rate differences among different cards, and how much money we save in total every month?

Guaranteed low rates: We need to be aware that if a company guarantees forever low rates, it is only worth trusting if the promises are made on paper. We are able to make these promises.


Disclosure of monthly rates. A client’s biggest hassle is when a company has hidden fees. If a company does not want to tell the truth about their business operations, then their agents are also trained to present to the client a half truth. They try to hide the details and do not disclose until we demand it. Only a few companies have a policy of 100% detailed disclosure of credit card transaction fees in monthly statements and have a guarantee lifetime low price guarantee for their clients. This is not just a spoken promise but is printed in black and white on paper. We can do this.

Choosing a terminal: I wish make the following recommendations, according to the needs of each client:
(1) Renting a terminal is generally better because you’ll have many choices and can make business deductions for your annual taxes. (2) You should only buy a terminal if you like the rights of ownership and are prepared to buy insurance in case of machine malfunction.(3) Only accept a free machine if your business does not frequently handle many customers paying at once.

Signing an agreement. Practically all clients are uncomfortable when they put a pen to a contract. This worry is only valid when we do not know what we are signing into, or the true motives of the other party. A reputable agent oftentimes will research and represent only reputable companies. After choosing the right agent and company, signing a contract is beneficial to the client too – not just the company. In the scope of the contract, the agent performs a more important role toward the client than toward the company. An agent who does honest business will find ways to negotiate for the long term benefit of the client, while still preserving loyalty toward the company they represent, and to his or her own benefit as well.
What are early termination fees (ETF)? This is a fine from the company when a client cancels a contract before the end of the term. If switching companies, the new company will cover the ETF for the client, a fee that is often up to 250-300 USD. If you must pay the fine, it’s not a big deal because the amount you save will make up for that loss when switching to a new company with lower rates.

Conclusion. The services and terminals for credit card transactions are issues that can make for quite a headache. There are clients who know they are paying high rates, but because of busyness, they hang onto their current plan. Actually, the process of switching back and forth and filling out the paperwork can take only a half hour. You’ll save money on these services to use on other worthwhile expenses, making it a decision that is worth your valuable time.

Binh Huynh
Business Owner- Sales Trainer